VEMS Standalone Remote Tune

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Need some assistance in tuning your VEMS Standalone? We're here to help. 


Let us know the Make and model of the car or engine, any modifications like forced induction, etc. in the order notes please. 

It's best to contact us first (email info@vems.com or nick@vems.com) to discuss the project. We'll ask you to purchase this item when we're ready to get started.


See the additional images for examples of completed tunes. You'll receive a dyno chart from VirtualDyno to closely approximate your actual power output.

 BMW M52 with VEMS PnP on Flex-Fuel

Supercharged BMW M52 with VEMS PnP showing gains


Customer insight:

"E30 with S52 swap, running Vems on it, and LOVE IT. Support and remote tune was very thorough and done right.
I am very glad of running vems that I point to the sticker as soon as I am asked on what I got under the hood. Highly recommended. Well worth it. 👌" - Hadi M.


"Made the switch to vems a few years ago with great success. Wouldn’t hesitate to get another for a future build. Over 3 years of pushing the stock motor and current fuel system to the absolute limit and the car hasn’t skipped a beat 👍." - David C.


"Super easy process Nick made the logging/ diagnosis process very smooth!! Would recommend him to everybody!" - Garrett L.