VEMS VW mk3 Direct Plug-In ECU

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In Stock - Click below link for OBD1 or OBD2


See https://shop.vemstuning.com/collections/engine-management/products/vems-vw-mk3-direct-plug-in-ecu-for-obd1 for OBD1 harness applications


See https://shop.vemstuning.com/collections/engine-management/products/vems-vw-mk3-direct-plug-in-ecu-for-obd2 for OBD2 harness applications (with drive by wire throttle conversion)


For all versions, a basemap is included already loaded on the ECU. This is to start the car and check for leaks, get it to the dyno. This is not a final tune. If you have different injectors, fuel pressure, etc. make a note in your order and we'll adjust the basemap as best we can. 

 Video overview on a car: https://youtu.be/wEyIi24teMg


Remote tuning available as an optional add-on for $350.