VEMS VW mk3 Direct Plug-In ECU for OBD1

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VW ABA and VR6 owners rejoice! Announcing a direct fit ECU for the mk3 application with the slide-lock 68 pin connector. 

Upgrade your car with our fully programmable ECU in a matter of minutes without any wiring nightmare.

Infinitely tunable so if you change parts you don't need to pay for another flash tune. You can get the best performance out of your specific engine.

Designed to be a plug-in replacement for the factory ECU. Control boost, methanol injection, nitrous, and more with the extra features connector. Input switches to the extra features connector for anti-lag, launch control, flex-fuel, etc. 

Includes Bosch LSU4.9 Wideband O2 sensor and 4bar MAP sensor with sub-harness for the grey plug. Also includes black plug with terminals for aux connections. If you would prefer Bosch LSU4.2, just mention in the order notes. We can accommodate either.


Also available for the OBD2 harness here:  VEMS vw68 mk3 OBD2 Standalone ECU


For all versions, a basemap is included already loaded on the ECU. This is to start the car and check for leaks, get it to the dyno. This is not a final tune. If you have different injectors, fuel pressure, etc. make a note in your order and we'll adjust the basemap as best we can. 

Specify in order notes if this is for an ABA or VR6 and what size injectors you have, other mods if applicable and we'll configure the base map before shipping.


For best results, we recommend Injector Dynamics (available here: https://shop.vemstuning.com/products/injector-dynamics-1050x-set-of-6-60mm-length) or Fuel Injector Clinic (NOT Fuel Injector Connection!!!) injectors

We recommend against Fuel Injector Connection and Siemens Deka, and any Chinese clone injectors. Fuel is the lifeblood of your engine. The only component more important than fuel is your crank trigger. The Siemens injectors work well in some applications, we've not seen good results with BMW and VAG applications. 


 Video overview  of OBD2 DBW version (very similar other than the throttle) on a car: https://youtu.be/wEyIi24teMg


Remote tuning available here: https://shop.vemstuning.com/products/vems-standalone-remote-tune