VEMS V3 ECU Repair / Upgrade

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  • Costs No Charge for warranty repair or replacement in the warranty period (~12 months after purchase), if the problem is a manufacturing defect.
  • Small repairs: Included in this cost for small repairs and extensions like swapping mcp3208 or tpic6a259dw (=p259), adding wheelspeed input, more analog inputs, conversion to triple-HALL input (for new VVTI camshaft-angle-control applications) etc...

  • SDcard install + small repairs: If you order an SD card module along with this Repair/Upgrade we will install it at no additional cost.
  • Mainboard replacement: This is available, and suggested for very old hardware, but please contact us first.
  • These prices apply to purchased "Assembled v3.x controllers". Does not apply to self-assembled hardware. Do not send self-assembled boxes, especially without negotiation
  • Motronic55/Motronic88 retest/repair/mainboard replacement is +$100 on top of above prices (or 0 EUR for warranty).
  • if damage is caused by harness, but harness is not fixed after a repair, and this results in repeated return, expect a surcharge.

From USA, send device to VEMS, 226 S Oak Circle, Colchester, VT 05446, USA. From other places, see the http://shop.vems.hu/catalog/ web store
In any case, include a paper with the returned item:
  • your name, phone, email
  • postal return address
  • "retest/repair only", or "retest/repair + more inputs if possible (analog/wheelspeed)" (defualt), or "retest/repair + change primary trigger input to VR" or whatever applies.
  • history of the device (what happened), with any relevant reference to wiring, etc...
  • relevant Wiki MembersPage (this really helps)
  • the text "I authorize mainboard replacement if necessary" (to make things faster in such cases)