VEMS Subaru E-tune

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Looking for a reliable, smooth-driving, fun, upgrade for your car? 


Custom E-Tuning now available! Don’t have close access to a chassis dyno? Don’t want to make a long trip? Look no further than our E-Tuning program. With over 10 years of real world experience we are able to give you the best calibration possible!

How does it work?

The E-Tuning process is handled by filling out the info below with your year/make/model/mods, you will then receive an email (within 1 business day) with a base map, log parameter file and specific instructions on how to start the tune process. You will follow the instructions and submit your logs. The logs will be reviewed and the map will be adjusted and sent back to you. The process is repeated until you are happy with the way the car is driving.

What is your tuning strategy?

The strategy is as follows: driveability first, power second. This means the safest power that is attainable with the highest emphasis on reliability for the modifications that are done to your car.

Long term support?

Our services come with a lifetime support to the original purchaser. If you need an adjustment for weather change, or something just doesn’t feel quite right and you want the logs to be looked at, that is not a problem.