VEMS Display-Only Round Gauge

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This is a digital gauge in a 52mm (2-1/16") standard format that will display data from your VEMS ECU. There are 3 digits on the top and 4 digits on the bottom which can be configured to display most any data the ECU has internally such as RPM, boost, TPS, air or coolant temp, and any other analog input you have configured in the ECU like fuel or oil pressure.

This product is identical to the EAW-52 wideband/egt controller on the front side. The electronics are just to display values, there is no wideband or EGT controller in the Serial Display Gauge.

It has power supply and RS232 connector. It receives data from your VEMS ECU. Several devices can receive the same AIM stream. The aim stream contains several "channels", and each gauge can display 2 channels at a time (button can be used to switch between set up slots), with configurable conversion (adjustable offset, multiplier and dot position allows displayed units, eg. bar, kPa or PSI, Fahrenheit or Celsius, etc...). Blank-mode also possible for "night-mode" (only 1 dot, or completely blank).

All of this is configurable using <A href="http://www.vems.hu/vt/">VemsTune</a>