VEMS Bluetooth Adapter

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(Wireless) Bluetooth - RS232 adapter.
Mostly used for android VemsDisplay where often it is the only option, but also for PC (Windows XP or newer, or Linux).
Shows up as an RS232 serial port, so can be used for most applications using serial connection. However, there is a limitation (compared to RS232 port): baudrate switching during operation is not supported.
  • Triggerlog at 115200 baud is not supported (only lower ~19200, at least when configured to 19200 baud).
  • if using VemsTune, 2013-02-xx or newer version recommended (for fix baudrate: so it does not attempt changing baudrate).

This wireless device seems to be highly tolerant to electrical noise. (as comparison: the infamous prolific USB-RS232 adapter-cable will warn early - by connection freaking out - if there is significant noise in the system, often due to ignition problems eg. bad sparkplug-connections or insufficient dwell or misfire).
NOTE: bluetooth access (4 digit) PIN-code can be changed.
This needs to be powered by 5V from the serial port pin 9