Replacement Internal MAP Sensor

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Bare (unpackaged) Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor.
When looking into the sensor small tube and legs point to the right (as on the image) Pin1 is the bottom pin .
Comes without packaging. Recommended for fitting inside the ECM case (eg. Alubos).
  • The 5V version is useful. Choose the 5V supply..
  • The 12V supply will NOT work if mounted on the mainboard ! This option is very uncommon, and not recommended unless you know what you are doing.12V only works if you wire accordingly. Might be useful if you place outside the box (but than the packaged sensor is better). Also, you need to install transient suppression and fuse for overvoltage protection.

Sensor nipple:
  • OD=3mm for the 5/3mm tube. For this, you likely want some 5/3mm tube, and VIV type pneumatic connector (VIV5353 or VIV6453: that is 5/3mm on one end and 5/3mm or 6/4mm on the other end). The force required to pull off the 5/3mm tube from the sensor nipple is tiny, so it must be secured mechanically to prevent accidental come-off. The saw-tooth nipple is much safer.
  • with saw-toothed nipple: for 6/4mm pneumatic tube or rubber hose (make sure the rubber wall is thick enough, it should not collapse from vacuum)
Pins 1-3 are the only ones needed for ECU internal sensors. 4-6 are to give it a better mechanical hold or for custom applications. 
  1. : pressure signal out (via 1k protection resistor. Find this)
  2. : GND (also available on pin 5 as you can see)
  3. : +5V (regulated) supply (appr 6mA supply current)
  4. : optional: SMD 0805 NTC (eg. 100k with 100k pullup) also possible onboard - eg. for board temp (NOT for IAT / MAT)
  5. : GND (also available on pin 2)
  6. : optional +12..15V supply input (for +12V supply option). Not connected for (the normal) 5v supply option.

Small 6 pin L shaped pinheader included (so it can be mounted on genboard v3.x perpendicularly to the mainboard). Write "preferrably no pinheader for bare MAP sensor" in the order comment if you want to use wires and mount some other way.