Porsche 944 Turbo (951) Engine Wiring Harness for VEMS ECU

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This Porsche 944 Turbo (951) engine wiring harness for VEMS ECU provides the ideal replacement for an old, broken, or problem harness. Featuring new and reliable components for a trouble-free driving experience.

 Application: 1986-1992 with the 14 pin connector forward of the fusebox. 

Eliminate the restrictive and problematic air flow meter, replace the problematic TPS with a new cost effective TPS. 

New shielded tefzel wires for Speed sensor, Reference sensor, and Knock sensor. 

New Automotive grade TXL wires for all other functions. 

Individual injectors for sequential operation.

4 Coil channels brought out to an accessory connector for factory distributor, wastespark coilpack, or coil on/near plug.

Connector and adapter for BMW TPS sensor.

Connector and new GM Style Intake Air Temp Sensor.

Pre-wired for a Electronic Boost Control Solenoid.

Fiberglass wire sheathing offers excellent abrasion and heat properties while providing a great refresh to your engine bay.


New 14pin connector near the fuse box to merge perfectly with the factory.  Includes wiring for dash coolant gauge and light, turbo temp signal, oil pressure gauge, oil temp.

Includes wire for optional camsync. Note: Adding Camsync would need the ECU to be sent in for hardware changes.

New OEM style firewall boot 

 2 Relays (one spare) and 6 fuses (two spare) included for better protection. Mounted near the ECU in the footwell, this provides fused protection for the ECU, Injectors, Coils, Wideband, Idle valve, Boost Solenoid and some extra optional functions. 

Made in the USA. USA based support (by the people who make them).


Approx. 2-3 week lead time on shipping this item. Email us at info@vems.com if you have specific delivery needs and we may be able to accommodate.