Italpol Racing V3MS Dash7

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V3MS DASH7 is a Plug'n'Play standalone motorsport dashboard for VEMS ECUs, specially designed for car enthusiasts and hobby or amateur race drivers who want to have all important information about the car together in one compact, versatile and smart dashboard.

Forget the dashboard full of gauges, little dot displays, indicators or tablets! With V3MS Dash7 you no longer need OEM cluster, tacho, additional sensors, tablets or any other gauges. With Dash7 you can have it "ALL in ONE"

All information from ECU and from analog/digital inputs can be displayed on the color screen of Dash7.
If any value will be out of the limits, Dash7 will inform you via on-screen messages, warning LED lights or warning sound.
So, you can be fully focused on the race and not on the gauges!