VEMS Audi 5 Cylinder ECU

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VEMS v3.x ECU with Motronic55 connector and internal MAP sensor. The Audi AAN (same pinout as the ABY / ADU) and the Audi 3B were the first applications (note that 3B has different pinout with only 1 ignition channel). These use special "auditrigger" 3 sensor trigger system with the 135 tooth flywheel teeth VR, crankhome-VR and cam-HALL sensor. The audi factory MAT (manifold air temperature)-sensor is PTC type, so 430 Ohm pullup resistor is used for better precision. If you replace MAT sensor with an NTC-type sensor, write "weak (2k7) MAT pullup for NTC MAT" in the order note. (Use this exact wording, please). By default, the JPT55/pin5 (carbon-canister-valve control pin) is not connected. However, at order time the following order comment can be useful for AAN/ADU/ABY : "JPT55/pin5 = IGBT and +1 analog input on SSC6" When installing the controller, click here for steps REALLY. COME BACK TO THIS PAGE WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR DEVICE. By following the instructions you will have an editable page with some DVM measurements (Ohm and voltages), saved vemslog of startup attempts. Following the instructions is required for support and warranty (if a support request includes the page URL, support can and will help, otherwise not until one follows the instructions - some useful data is really required so support can start review and help - often will request more specific measurements.) For Audis, VemsTune/QuickStartAudi procedure helps to get an initial starting config (Note: "with cam-HALL" inverter is standard. Normally similar config is uploaded in factory after hardware testing if not requested otherwise in the order note). Wideband controller (inside ECU) and wideband sensor is already pre-calibrated to the ECU and included. Specify the engine code in the order note. Also specify if NTC type (eg. audi 1.8T) MAT sensor is used in an audi (instead of the factory PTC type sensor).